You can see different payment methods on our website.

We are currently unable to accept credit card payments.




We recommend PayPal as the most preferred and safest payment method. However, because it is very difficult and expensive for us to manage PayPal payments, we add a certain amount of tax (12%) to your PayPal payments.


Bank Transfer:


With bank payments you can easily pay without additional fees.

To track your payment, just write on our WhatsApp or send us an email.


We appreciate it if you include your order number while making the payment. Otherwise we can use your name to track your payment.


If you do not contact us after placing your order, we will contact you via WhatsApp or your email address (please always check your spam box).




You can also choose Crypto Currencies  as your private payment method.

If so, all you have to do is to let us know and we will immediately provide you with the Bitcoin payment address.

You will see all our payment information and our IBAN number in the last step of your order in a secure way.


For any further information you can write to us through WhatsApp or email;