1-) We are working with DHL Express shipment company. We can’t send with other shipping companies. Please do not insist.


2-) Your order shall be shipped within 1-2 weekdays after your payment confirmation.


3-) Our transport fee is $19 for all packages. (Fixed Price)


4-) Your package will arrive within a maximum of 4 workdays.


5-) We can’t deliver on weekends. We begin transport on Mondays. If you order after Friday afternoon or on weekends, your order will be dispatched on Monday morning.


6-) We deliver the package as a beauty product and no one can see inside of the package. (Privacy)


7-) Using the links below you are capable of tracking your order online with the tracking number which we provide you as a PDF file:


8 -) For any further information you can write to us through WhatsApp or email;

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